Believing You Can Effectively Serve Patients AND Your Organisation Is The First Step!

About Alan Forbes

Alan Forbes is Australia’s Most Trusted Advisor To Senior Healthcare Executives. Throughout his career, Alan has devoted himself to improving customer experiences and organisational outcomes across a wide number of industries, ensuring that customers’ needs are met, complaints are minimised, and company targets are reached or exceeded.

In recent years, Alan has shifted his focus to the area of his greatest passion—healthcare. With an acute awareness of exactly where the pitfalls and obstacles to achieving the most successful outcomes lie, his experience has already proved invaluable to many prestigious healthcare providers. This is because he recognises exactly how to move beyond these barriers to create a patient experience that is second to none.

Through providing the organisations he works with and the people they serve, and with a level of security that instils trust and confidence, Alan’s holistic approach is truly transformational.

By breaking through siloed thinking and providing the tools to build towards an all-inclusive approach that puts the patient front-and-centre, Alan has created a new matrix that meets everyone’s needs, linking the aims of administration to those of medical professionals, thereby providing a solid platform on which patients can wholly rely.

In his book The PATIENT EXPERIENCE The Future of the Healthcare Industry, Alan guides you through all of the reasons why improving patient experience is your shortcut to personal and organisational success.